"Prayer is the raising of one's mind and heart to God 
or the requesting of good things from God."

Lord Hear Our Prayers

Below are the Prayer Request received through the parish office 
and the website. Please join your prayers to those of our community as we pray 
for these special intentions. For your convenience some prayers are printed below.
You may not see your request below but know that everyone who contacts us is
prayed for at Mass and by individuals each day.

Prayer line request are posted free of charge. To request someone be
put on the prayer line please call Linda at 673-8307 or send request
by email to lriche@stjohnchurch.org






9/9 Pray for Jessie Acosta who had surgery for a lump in the throat that could be cancer.  May our Lord bless him. 

9/9  Pray for Tommy Leggette a 92 year old with breathing issues. May our Lord bless him.  

9/9  Pray for Sammy Lambert who broke his hip and is now in hospice care.  May God heal and bless him. 

9/9  Pray for Brennon who is having his 5th surgery to remove a mass from his head.  May God place His hands on him for a miraculous healing.  

9/16  Pray for David Jacobs and Janet Leon who have requested prayers.  May the Lord grant them their prayer requests.

9/20  Pray for Marie Braud and Shelia Braud who have requested prayers.  May the Lord grant them their prayers requests

9/21  Please pray for Betty Joy Bercegeay.  May the Lord grant then their prayers.

10/7  Please pray for Rita Mathew who suffered a stroke.  May the Lord grant her prayers.

10/7  Please pray for Chris Adams who suffered a stroke. May God bless.

10/7  Please pray for M Underwood who has cancer. May the Lord protect.

10/7  Please pray for Justin Gautreau who had a stroke.  May our Lord bless and heal him.

10/7  Please pray for Elvira Stropolo who suffered a fall.  May the Lord heal and protect.

10/8  Please pray for Welsey Lee who has cancer.  May the Lord heal and protect 

10/8  Please pray for Jacqueline a two month old infant with viral meningitis.  May God heal her.

10/9  Please pray for Whitney who has Lupus.  May the Lord heal and answer the prayers. 

10/10  Please pray for Samuel B. Who is in the hospital with a heart attack and multiple other problems.

10/12  Please pray for T. Breaux ( having a difficult time) and R. Whiddon (health issues).   May the Lord grant then their prayers

10/16 Please pray for Maude Darbonne (in hospital).   May the Lord grant then their prayers.

10/16 Please pray for Logan Zettlemoyer (in hospital needs healing).   May the Lord grant then their prayers.

10/19 Please pray for Darla Campo (in hospital needs healing).   May the Lord grant then their prayers. 

10/21 Please pray for A. Lanter for health issues.   May the Lord grant heir prayers. 

10/21 Please pray for Andy Wright, still battling Aplastic Anemia and Melissa Ballard diagnosed with vertigo due to Lupus.   May the Lord grant then their prayers.

10/29  Please pray for A. Green a new college student who is having a hard time transitioning and making some poor decisions.

10/29  Pray  for Donna who hurt her knee and is out today.

10/29  Please pray for Kevin.  He had what they thought was a severe stomach virus a couple of weeks ago that turned out to be a "silent" heart attack. He received a stent yesterday for a 75% blockage. May God continue to bless him, and thanksgiving for his not dying















A stipend of $5.00 is charged for each Mass Intention.

To schedule a Mass Intention contact Linda Riche at 673-8307 or lriche@eatel.net


Prayers in Time of Illness

For the Sick
Father, your only Son took upon himself the sufferings and weakness of the whole human race: through his passion and cross he taught us how good can be brought out of suffering. Look upon our brothers and sisters who are ill. In the midst of illness and pain, may they be united with Christ, who heals both body and soul; may they know the consolation promised to those who suffer and be fully restored to health. Through Christ our Lord. 
The Pope's Family Prayer Book
Raise Me Up, Lord
Raise me up, Lord do not abandon your servant. I want health that I may sing to you and help your people lead holy lives. I plead with you are my strength, do not desert me. I have grown weak amid the storm but I long to return to you.  St. Gregory of Nazianzus (329-389)
Lord Jesus, Healer
Lord, Jesus, healer of our souls and bodies, during your life on earth, 
you went about doing good, healing every manner of sickness and disease, strengthening, curing, comforting and consoling. You want nothing more than to see us healthy and happy. You are the enemy of death and disease, and in and through you they are overcome and conquered. Lay your healing hands upon us now, so that we may live in your praise untiringly. 

Prayers Near Journey's End

For the Aged
Eternal Father, unchanged down the changing years, be near to those who are aged. Even though their bodies weaken, grant that their spirit may be strong. May they bear witness and affliction with patience, and at the end, meet death with serenity. Through Christ our Lord.
The Pope’s Family Prayer Book


For the Dying
Lord, this night some will be gathered to the Father. Grant that they may go forth surrounded by their loved ones, without pain of body, with clarity of mind, and joyful expectancy of soul.
 J. M. Ford From Lord Hear Our Prayer Ave Maria Press