"Prayer is the raising of one's mind and heart to God 
or the requesting of good things from God."

Lord Hear Our Prayers

Below are the Prayer Request received through the parish office 
and the website. Please join your prayers to those of our community as we pray 
for these special intentions. For your convenience some prayers are printed below.
You may not see your request below but know that everyone who contacts us is
prayed for at Mass and by individuals each day.

Prayer line request are posted free of charge. To request someone be
put on the prayer line please call Donna at 673-8307 or send request
by email to dperque@stjohnchurch.org



1/18 Please pray for Mr. Randal LeJeune.  

1/19 Please pray for Owen Madatic a 3 year old with health issues has caught covid.

1/19 Please pray for Michelle Daniels.

1/20 Please add Mr. Adrian Wintz to the prayer line. He was taken to the ER with shortness of breath.

1/20 Please pray for John Pecoraro who is in critical condition with COVID 19.

1/21Please pray for Erica & Darrel. May God strengthen their love for Him and each other.

1/25 Please pray for Kevin for successful cancer surgery and recovery.

1/25 Please add Jeanine and James Wright to the prayer line. Jeanine is James' daughter, she came from Dallas for his knee replacement last week, she has been in OLOL since midnight Friday with pancreatitis and gallbladder infections and inflammations. She can't have her gallbladder out until they get the inflammation and infection under control. May God watch over them both during this crisis in their lives

1/25 Please pray for Tessie Philippe for heart surgery.

1/26 Please pray for Taylor W for healing.

2/1 Please pray for C. for  special intentions.

2/1 Please pray for Lorri Boiteau Avault who passed away last week and for the Boiteaux and Avault Families.

2/3 Please pray for Dan Nola who is hospitalized with COVID 19.

2/3 Please pray for Taylor Waguespack who has been battling a severe lung infection. Prayers have been helping him make a turn for the better. Please continue to storm heaven for this very ill 15 year old.

2/10 Please pray for Ava Lacombe for healing.  In hospital undergoing test.

2/10 Please pray for Donice Chapman for COVID.

2/11 Please  pray for special intention of Erika and Daniel for healing for their relationship.

2/24 Please pray for Jennie Charles for healing from Cancer.

2/25 Asking for prayers for Steve Perry for a heart cath that is being done on Friday.  This is for a test to be put on the list for a lung transplant.

2/25 Please pray for Perry Triche for recovery, he is in the hospital.

2/26 Please pray for Waltin (Walt) Cardwell for healing from a very bad burn to his back 3rd degree.  This is the son of Fred Cardwell.

2/26 Please pray for Beth Morton for healing.