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Money Counter  (101)
Teams of several volunteers each are assigned on a monthly basis to count collections on Sundays.
CONTACT: Karen Hagendorfer —(225)  673-8307, extension *812
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Office Help (102):
Helps the parish staff do mass mailings, answer the phone, stuff the bulletin with flyers, etc. as needed.
CONTACT:  Karen Hagendorfer —  (225) 673-8307, extension *812


Welcoming Committee (201):
Assemble and mail welcoming packets to new parishioners.  Also be available to visit new parishioners when a home visit is requested.
CONTACT:  Deacon Claude Bourgeois  —  (225) 673-8307, extension *816

Baking (202):
Serve on a call-as-needed team to provide baked goods for special receptions and events held for parish functions.
CONTACT: Karen Hagendorfer — (225) 673-8307, extension *812

Adult Babysitter Volunteer (203):
Supervise teen-age volunteers to help watch children of parents during Sunday Mass Times or during other church events.
CONTACT: Karen Hagendorfer — (225) 673-8307, extension *812

Teen Babysitter Volunteer (204):
Work with other high school students under adult supervision to watch children of parents during Sunday Mass times or during other church events.
CONTACT: Karen Hagendorfer — (225) 673-8307, extension *812

Parish Festival (205):
Festival de la Prairie (held the last weekend in April)  Serve as a booth chairman or work a designated booth shift during the fair.
CONTACT: Karen Hagendorfer — (225) 673-8307, extension *812

Live Parish Auction
This event is held the Thursday before Mardi Gras each year.  Volunteers are needed to:

            (206) — Solicit and pick up auction items

            (207) — Help decorate the night before and day of auction

CONTACT:  Sam Watts — (225) 955-0359

Knights of Columbus (208):
The largest group of male volunteers in the parish, our K.C. Council meets the second Thursday of each month to share fellowship and to provide a large group of workers to parish, diocesan and church projects and programs.
CONTACT:  John McGovern — (225) 715-3827

Ladies Altar Society (209):
Another large group of parish volunteers, the Altar Society meets for fellowship, provides liturgical materials and serves as a large source of volunteers for other parish programs and projects.
CONTACT:  Monica Roussel — (225) 337-0530



Communion Minister:
Ministers are assigned to the weekend Mass they normally attend to help distribute Holy Communion every three to six weeks.  Must be a practicing Catholic.
CONTACT:  Enrique Castillo —(972) 762-7494 or

Proclaim the first or second Scripture Reading at weekend Mass approximately every two months.
CONTACT:  Enrique Castillo — (972) 762-7494 or

Altar Servers:
(Grade 3 and up)  Add dignity and solemnity by assisting the priest and deacons at weekend Liturgies.
CONTACT:  Lisa Babin —  673-8307, extension *811

Usher Society:
Help with welcoming and seating of the congregation, help with the collection and guide the congregation during distribution of Holy Communion.
CONTACT:  Larry Harris —(225) 673-6946

Art and Environment Committee (305):
A team of parishioners who assist the staff in the decoration of worship space for the various seasons and feasts of the Church year.
CONTACT:  Jo Poche —(225) 673-4167   or   Pamela Gyan —(504) 858-7628

Music Ministry:
Each weekend Mass has its own choir and each choir practices immediately prior to its Liturgy.

             (306) —  4:30 Vigil    CONTACT:   Joannie Babin Basso — (225) 673-3952 

             (307) —   7:30 AM     (Vocalists and pianist needed)

                                                CONTACT:  Steve Perry — (225) 673-3838

            (308) —   9:30 AM     CONTACT:  Rebecca LeBlanc — (225) 405-7233

            (309) —   6:00 PM      CONTACT:  Sarah Taranto — (225) 313-1713



Adult Bible Study (401):
Meets during the school year from 9:15 to 10:30 AM each Monday for Scripture study and discussion.
CONTACT:  Betty Braud — (225) 673-6234

Adult Confirmation (402):
Several class sessions are held each spring to prepare for Confirmation of adult Catholics who have made First Communion, but not Confirmation.
CONTACT:  Deacon Randy Clement — (225) 673-8307, extension *827

Small Faith Communities (403):
Groups of parishioners meet in a home to reflect upon and discuss faith-related readings.  Meetings are scheduled at times and dates scheduled by the members of each group.
CONTACT:  Suzette Hoffman — (225)-603-5715

R.C.I.A. for Adults and R.C.I.C. for Children:
CONTACT:  Donna Perque — (225) 978-9193 is the contact  person for the RCIA & RCIC

Team Members (404): 
Assist with hospitality, communication or presentation of  topics for the program.

Sponsors (405):
Welcome, accompany, advise and support a candidate who is considering the possibility of becoming Catholic.

Participant (406): 
Attend the 60-90 minute class sessions held weekly from August to May in         order to consider the possibility of becoming Catholic

Prayer Line (407):
As the church office receives requests for prayers, these requests are forwarded to all prayer line volunteers so that those in need of prayer may benefit from the petitions of the volunteers. 
CONTACT:  Linda Riche— 673-8307, extension #32

Marriage Preparation Team (408):
Married couples meet weekly with one or several engaged couples at a time to complete the 6-week Evenings for the Engaged program.
CONTACT:  Byron and Rachel Lato — 673-4731

Sunday Evening Prayer Group (409):
Meets in the church building once a month on the first Sunday after 6:00 PM Mass.  Sign-up and attend as often as you can.
CONTACT:  Donna Diez — 964-4833



Communion Minister to St.  Elizabeth Hospital (501):
Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist bring Communion to the Catholic patients at St. Elizabeth.  New volunteers can be appointed as a Communion minister by the Bishop, but must be a practicing Catholic to receive this honor.  Your hospital visits are according to your availability.
CONTACT:  Lisa Babin — (225) 673-8307, Extension *811

Communion Minister to the Homebound (502):
Communion Ministers are assigned one parishioner to whom to bring Holy Communion weekly.  As with hospital ministers, a new volunteer can be appointed by the Bishop as a Communion minister, but must be a practicing Catholic to receive this honor.  Visits are done according to your availability.
CONTACT:  Ashley Bourgeois — (225) 673-8307, Extension *823

Food for the Bereaved or Ill (503):
Teams of several volunteers each provide food on a rotating basis when requested for funerals or parishioners upon immediate release from the hospital.  Food is brought to the church office and each team will be called several times a year as needed.
CONTACT:  Ashley Bourgeois — (225) 673-8307, Extension *823

Food Pantry Volunteer (504):
As parishioner-donated food is brought to church, these supplies are brought by volunteers to the food panty and sorted.  The work is done on weekday mornings and you can volunteer as often as you like.
CONTACT:   Jean Achord — (225) 673-8537

Holiday Outreach:
Helps with the process of providing holiday food and gifts for the needy.

            (505) — Help coordinate applications and delivery for baskets.

            (506) Give financial donations for baskets

            (507) Deliver baskets

CONTACT:  Ashley Bourgeois — (225) 673-8307, Extension *823

Manna Givers (508):
Members prepare dishes and serve a meal at one of the St. Vincent de Paul overnight shelters on a monthly basis.
CONTACT:  Joy Fonseca — (225) 673-2223

Honduras Mission (509):
Approximately 35 St. John Parishioners journey to our mission area in Honduras to assist the needy in early to mid-June each year.  Expenses are met by group fundraisers throughout the year.
CONTACT:  Lisa LeBouef  —  (225) 673-3668

Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women (LCIW) Prison Ministry:
Those serving in this ministry visit LCIW weekly to minister with and mentor inmates and participate in Saturday 9:30 a.m. Mass. Volunteers must attend a November state certification training session.

            (510) Visitation Team

            (511)  — Musicians for Saturday 9:30 AM Mass

CONTACT:  Deacon Randy Clement — (225) 673-8307, Extension *827

Hunt Correctional Prison Ministry Team:
Volunteers must attend the state certification training session before obtaining access to the prison.

            Join other parishioners and Catholic inmates for:

            (512)  Recitation of the Rosary on the fourth Wednesday of each month for what is 
                           actually a live radio broadcast at 7:00 PM

            (513)  — Faith sharing and discussion on Thursday evenings at 6:30 PM

            (514)  — Mass at 5:30 PM on Fridays

            (515)  — Male Communion ministers monthly bring the Holy Eucharist to the cell
                           blocks on Sunday morning.

CONTACT:   Chaplain Jules Tolivar — (225) 329-7279

Social Responsibility Committee  (516):  (yet to be formed)
Will meet monthly to organize and coordinate new social outreach ministries for the parish.
CONTACT:  Fr. Martin — (225) 673-8307, Extension *813

Respect Life Team(517)
Team coordinates and carries out pro-life programs.
CONTACT: David Gregory — (225) 673-9592



Unless otherwise stated Horace Shows and Marlene Bruce serve as the contact persons for all of Youth Christian Formation.

Parish Youth Group:
Middle School (6-8 grade) and High School Students gather each Sunday evening throughout the year from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. for fun, fellowship and Bible-based faith sharing.

            (601) Participant (Grades 6-12)

            (602)Adult Advisor: works with St. John Youth Minister, Ashley Bourgeois, to help plan, execute, and chaperone youth group activities.

CONTACT:  Ashley Bourgeois — (225) 673-8307, Extension *823

Sunday School
For children aged 3-5. It meets during the 9:30 a.m. Mass from September through March. The Children learn about their faith through story, crafts and song.
CONTACT: Becky Templet : or Lauren McGrew:

            (603) Teacher or Co –Teacher

            (604) Music Leader

Elementary Formation:
Classes are for one hour a week during the school year.  These classes on average are three times a month beginning in September and ending in March. Catechist will teach the lessons. Aides will help with classroom management, lessons and act as an example of faith.  Babysitters will sit with pre-school aged children of our catechists and volunteers in the nursery.

            (605) Catechist

            (606) Catechist Aide

            (607) Babysitter (for children of volunteers)

            (608) Office Worker (see below)

Junior High & High School Formation:
Grades 7 & 8 meet on a Tuesday or a Wednesday from 6:00 until 8:00 p.m.
High School meets one Monday per month from 6:00 until 8:00 p.m. Group A then Group B.

Lesson Presenter Junior High or High School

            (608A) Presents pre-prepared lesson to students once or twice per school year.

Small Group Facilitator Junior High or High School (609)
Facilitates and reinforces the lesson through discussion and activities.

Group Facilitator Substitute Junior High or High School (610)
Is called upon when needed to take the place of a facilitator or presenter that is unable to be there.

Office Worker
Needed during Elementary, Jr. High and High School sessions (611)
Volunteers during class sessions to  make calls and answer the phone, record attendance, file papers and  make copies 

High School Retreat VolunteerHigh School (612)
Volunteer to serve food, clean up and be an adult presence during the retreat.

Confirmation Team: (613)
Confirmation team members are needed to work with the students who are preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation. Team members work with students in  small groups during 5 sessions from August through April on Sundays from  9:30 until 11:30a.m. and also for two retreats.
CONTACT:  Caroline Mondello —(225) 229-4411

Vacation Bible School:
Volunteers can be adults or high school students who will help with:

            (614)  Learning games

            (615)  Recreation

            (616)  — Snacks

            (617)  — Small Group Leader

            (618)  Present Bible Stories

            (619)  Music

            (620)  Pre-school Classroom Teachers

            (621)  — Decorating Team (to prepare scenery and props beforehand)

CONTACT:  Horace Shows or Marlene Bruce — (225) 673-8402

Special Events Volunteer (622)
These volunteers help with special events such as Rice Bowl, holiday activities, and Christian Formation registration.